Refills & Upcycling

Want to LOVE your planet more?

Let's do what we can to help curb emissions and waste. Every little bit helps.

Reusing your glass helps the planet by reducing the production of new product and recycling what would go to landfills.  Our goal is to do everything we can to reduce the amount of waste we put into the landfill, by offering refill programs and package free candles when possible.  

We offer three candle refill options: 

WE DO IT - We refill the jars for you. You drop off your clean jars, we refill them with your favourite wax/scent and then you pick them up again.   $1.10/oz

YOU DO IT - You refill your jars at a refill class. Click here to get all the details on a refill class!


HYBRID REFILL - Our Stone Home EcoLuxe collection featuring refills you just drop in!

We reuse everyday items (toilet paper rolls, pop bottles, magazines etc) with our kids day camp programs/crafts.



SHC goes GREEN - Click HERE to see what we are doing.