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1999 - Sue G. founded Village Craft and Candle (VCC), primarily with the intent of selling handmade candles via craft shows and home parties, family and friends.  It started on the pool table in her basement..


2001 - VCC opens the first retail store in the basement of the variety store in Sebringville (hence the Village part) and launches a website for co-op candle supplies.

2002 - VCC moves to Water Street in St. Marys and expands into selling candle accessories along with candles and supplies.

Village Craft and Candle Water street

2003 - VCC moves to 166 Queen Street, the previous home of Timothy Eaton and adds home decor and toys into the expanded space. The website evolves to include on-line shopping and shipping, and VCC exhibits in trade shows in the creative space.

Village Craft and Candle turns ten

2015 - VCC moves to 158 Queen Street, after a full restoration of the historic building. The 15ft oak Candle Bar is added to offer instructional classes.  Warehousing facilities are added.

Village Craft and Candle 158 Queen

2021 - VCC acquires new owners and moves to the GTA to continue fulfilling an increasing number of orders for candle making supplies. 

2021 - Stone Home Creatives sparks up at 158 Queen Street. The candle bar transforms to a Creativity Centre to add other offerings along with  candle making instruction.  Drop in, take a scheduled class, or arrange for your own private event. There are now walls of crafts, games, educational toys (and candle making, of course!). 

DIY flourishes - for kids 2 to 92!  

Stone Home Creatives 2021

You can reach us at :

PH: 519-284-9966

Email: or


As of August 3, 2021

Sunday 12-3 by chance

Monday  9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday to Friday  9:30 am to 5:30pm

Saturday  9:30 am to 4 pm

Closed on Stat Holidays


Our address is:

158 Queen Street East, St. Marys, Ontario  N4X 1B5