Our Commitment to GREEN

 Our Commitment to  going GREEN

Starting in 2022, our focus will be to rethink every aspect of the business, and make changes where we can to improve our footprint.  We will be looking at upcycling, buying local, buying less, offering reusable items, and reducing waste.


  • We are  looking for local creators to help stock our shelves.  It not only helps the local economy but reduces the footprint of the goods as they journey to our store.
  • We offer a refill program for candles to reuse and repurpose glass
  • We offer glass free candles such as votives and pillars
  • The new EcoLux candle has a refill that comes in compostable/recyclable packaging
  • Our Firestarters have been a huge seller for years, they contain 99% post consumer waste, including the packaging!


  • When we ship items, we repurpose and recycle packing materials 
  • We embrace customers who BYOB (bring your own bag)
  • We have moved to stamping our carry-out bags to reduce labels and printer ink


  • Paperless banking, paperless office

Suggestions from customers - What can you do to make a difference?  Email us if you have others!

  • Cut back on utilities by turning down the heat or turning up the a/c by 1%
  • Shut off lights when you leave a room
  • Dry your clothes outside
  • Cycle and walk when you can
  • Shorten your shower
  • Shop with reusable bags
  • Pack a wrapper free lunch
  • Buy food with minimal packaging
  • Use refillable containers and cups
  • Switch to reusable food wrap
  • Pivot to products that are refillable like detergents or shampoo
  • Make your own chemical free cleaning products
  • Donate items that can be upcycled or repurposed
  • Shop local to reduce packaging and delivery costs
  • Support the farmer's market
  • Compost
  • Go to paperless billing
  • 🍽 EAT LOCAL & SHOP LOCAL (idea submitted by Kristin O'Hearn)
  • 💐Create Pollinator friendly Gardens( idea submitted by Kristin O'Hearn)
  • 🥬Grow your own veggies (idea submitted by Kristin O'Hearn)
  • 💡Use a rain barrel to water gardens (idea submitted by Kristin O'Hearn)
  • 🐝 use reusable beeswax covers to replace plastic wrap (idea submitted by Kristin O'Hearn)
  • 💡Don’t spray weeds!If we all do a bit, we can make a difference (idea submitted by Kristin O'Hearn)