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Many creative entrepreneurs - be that  makers of crafts, art, music, or words- find themselves working super hard and not getting ahead.  Creating is their gift- numbers, books and taxes are not!

Are you a Creator wanting to turn your expensive hobby into a profitable business?

Are you overwhelmed with how to set up books?  Are you ready to level up?

Baffled at how to expand your sales? Victim to hidden costs, confused between gross sales and profit margin?  Where is the hole in your bucket?

With over 20+ years of teaching experience and 25 years as a business owner in the creative space, I can help you fast track your hobby to a business level.

Let's chat.  We will work together to see where you are and where you want to be and chart a path built just for you!  One-on-one means you get the most tailored advice.  There's no catch.  No long term contract.  You call the shots, you pay as you need me.  Reach me here to chat further.

I bring 15 years of accounting and administrative experience, 25 years of creative retail, growing and selling a distribution company, sales strategies in wholesaling, maker fairs, consignment, fundraising, to name a few. 


AND, If you are looking to learn Candle Making, that's my super power!

Courses cover technical knowledge and latest trends, business needs, sales and marketing.   In person and virtual classes are both available so you can choose what works best for you.    

Courses to meet you at the level of your business :

  • Introduction: Just getting started? Avoid the YouTube rabbit hole. Learn the key information and basics: differences in waxes and how to use them, understanding wicking, fragrance and essential oils, glass safety and burning tips. 
  • Intermediate: Moving into selling? After some hands on work, you will have more technical questions about pouring temps, burn times, hot and cold throw, how to price, how to introduce yourself to the marketplace, etc. 
  • Business Level: Making the leap to full time?  It's time to get serious about pouring quicker, systems, pricing, improving sales numbers, adding staff or outsourcing, marketing and branding improvements.  Advanced material, networking, social connection, direct coaching, peer support.
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