Candle Making Basics-Virtual Class

Candle Making Basics-Virtual Class

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If this description sounds like you, then this is your course.

 Who will benefit- Those just entering the world of candle making, ready to get serious about doing it correctly, overwhelmed with Youtube, forum and google information, tired of spinning, spending too much time researching and ready to buy supplies but aren't sure where to start.

What you will learn - Making a safe candle. Set up space, equipment, industry terminology, 5 basic components explained, step-by-step process and what to buy to get started.

Where you will probably be pouring- you are in a spare room, basement or kitchen, thinking of gifting or selling to friends and family.

When are you creating?- you are fitting it in amongst time commitments of family and other employment but considering the possibility of doing it for profit.

Why are you thinking of taking this course?- You want to make a safe candle.  You want simple steps and trusted information from a qualified instructor with decades of experience.   You want to save time and money getting started properly and be assisted at your own pace, but with direction.

Course outline:

  • Candle types and candle terms
  • Basic equipment, setting up your work area, your safety precautions
  • Composition of and advantages/disadvantages to various waxes, wicking explained, fragrance and essential oil lesson, dyes, and choosing safe containers, moulding wax
  • Choosing supplies and basic pouring steps
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Labeling and initial sales information

You will not need supplies until part way through the course, at which time you will have the knowledge you need to acquire these from a reputable supplier close to you.  This course should leave you with confidence to pour numerous types of candles and test and troubleshoot your products.