PA DAY CRAFTernoon - Tween Art Class

PA DAY CRAFTernoon - Tween Art Class

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For ages 8 to 12

Have an artist in your midst who can lose themselves for hours making things?

We've planned some fun, more in depth projects for the tweens to let their creativity shine this summer and build on their art skills!!  

Tween art  is open to 8 to 12 years old.  Each class  is limited to 6 artists.

Tween art classes will run 1-3pm  on the following dates:

  • Friday Nov 17
  • Thursday Jan 4 (Christmas Break Edition)
  • Friday Feb 2
  • Thursday March 14 (March Break Edition)
  • Friday April 19
  • Friday June 7

These projects are more advanced and will entertain dedicated crafters.

 Registration cut off is  the Monday before the date. 

 If the session you want is sold out please call 519-284-9966 to be added to the wait list.