Spring Candle Making Day - Saturday April 20th

Spring Candle Making Day - Saturday April 20th

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Spend the day learning and working with 4  kinds of waxes to make a variety of different candles (soy, beeswax, paraffin and palm)

Soy candles- learn about the different types of soy, wicking options, fragrance blending, and calculating wax measurements when filling containers.  Participants are encouraged to bring containers they would like to repurpose!

Beeswax- learn about the wax, it's wonderful properties, molding and rolling.  Ontario beeswax used in this class.

Paraffin wax - Is it bad (considering you wear it and eat it!)?  What makes it different and cool.  Let's play and see where it's qualities shine.

Palm wax - oh, you are so beautiful AND fun!  What is it?  How can it be used to create glittery candles like no other wax!

Bring your enthusiasm and a notepad.  This full day of candle making will only be offered TWICE a year. For beginners, you will leave as intermediate students.

Class is Saturday April 20th from 9am - 4pm. 4 classes and $20 lunch certificate included.  9-noon( 2 projects), 1 hour break for lunch and shopping, then 1:-4 (2 projects).

Includes a $20 lunch voucher to be redeemed at one of the following participating eateries:

- TuttCo

- The Flour Mill

- Town and Country Cheese Shoppe

- Gilly's Pubhouse